These sessions are about making the biggest impact in your life. Whether you are looking for career success, financial abundance, amazing relationships, improved self-esteem, healing an illness, healing mental health issues or an empowered sense of self - a private session will address all of that! 

Valerie understands we are both physical and energetic. We do a lot to make sure we are taking the physical actions and steps in life, but usually the energetic part is ignored. The energetic is what creates our life, how people treat you, the situations you experience, and the outcomes in life. This energy creates a blueprint, your electromagnetic field, and Valerie reads this field to see what needs to be adjusted to bring about the best results. 


BEFORE: Valerie will email you a questionnaire. These questions are to get a sense of where you are at and what you want to tackle within your session. It also helps to save time within the session for the work. Please send these questions back within an hour of your session.
DURING: These sessions are in person or over FaceTime.
It's recommended to record your session and to have something to take notes with.
Valerie will use her 9 different intuitions and abilities to read and channel what needs to be addressed. Valerie creates a safe space to address any issues and/or struggles you may have. This is a place to ask as many questions as you have and to get clarity on life. Valerie not only gives information about what is going on, but also gives tailored tools to create the shifts within your life.
These sessions are designed to bring about the greatest amount of change within someone's life whether it be the relationship with yourself, romantic partners, career, financial abundance, or health and body issues. Valerie will touch on everything that is being affected and how it will change.
The last 15 mins of the session are to do any energy work if needed, tailored to the individual to help the body and energy heal and catch up to everything that was talked about within the session. 

Please send an email to info@become-light.com 

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