Become Light cards are here to help you step more into your energetic self. You are an energetic being, not just the physical that you see. Let the cards assist you in connecting to your intuition and strengthen your ability to live energetically.

Each and every card was intuitively written and painted.

All the intuitive guidance has been channeled straight from Source light energy to bring about the best understanding of the questions and/or roadblocks you may face. The artwork carries the energy of love and healing into the paint and fibers of the paper itself. Each painting has a channeled blessing asking to be carried with the piece, wherever it may end up.  

WAYS TO USE THEM: These cards can be used in many ways. You can ask for guidance each day, to get a clear read on a situation, or ask specific questions you need answers too.

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Meet The Team

Valerie Mya - Creator

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As an intuitive healer, I wanted to create a tool to help people connect more to their energetic support team. This vision came to me and fell into place effortlessly. Each piece of this project was intuited straight from Source light energy; how many cards, what words to use for each card, and the written descriptions. My intention with this deck, and everything I do, is to be a clear voice of Source energy to help souls move through life with ease and connect to an expansive understanding of the world we live within. These cards ask you to look at the world with a new set of eyes and see clearly how life truly is.

Lindsay King -Artist

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Translucent layers, delicate details, and unexpected moments of contrast; my work is inviting viewers the opportunity to reflect and be still with their breath, movement, heart and mind.  

Each painting is a vessel, holding an energetic frequency for the viewer.  As you stare at a painting in quiet contemplation, it is to experience the energy as well as seeing its beauty. The visual pulls you in to receive messages, experience attunements, rest in love/calm; and listen for soul nudges, pings or pulls. Here lives the marriage and duality of the physical and non-physical working together with beauty being a key that can unlock a door to energetic shifts or activations. My intention is to show up as a conduit and channel for Love Energy. The modality is the paintings.  It brings me joy to be of service in this way through beauty, inviting you home within.