1:1 Private Session

Intuitive Guidance & Energy Healing

These sessions are about creating the greatest shifts and life changes possible. They include intuitive guidance to see where your soul is at, where it wants to go and what is blocking it from getting there. Every session is tailored to specifically what that person needs and what will work best for them and their particular situation.  They all end with a personal tailored energetic healing.

Self or House Healing/Clearing

Energy Healing

These sessions are focused just on energy work that will remove negative energies or influences that are causing disharmony in your life, house, or body; repair any damage, and enhance performance. The session will boost your energetic broadcast, affecting what you are attracting into your experience. Each healing is tailored to what specifically your energy and body needs.  

Questions & Clarity

Intuitive Read

These are geared towards specific and general questions, finding direction and clarity.

Consulting, Events & Media

Valerie is available for consulting with brand agencies, businesses, any type of consulting and available for on-line and in person events and/or media. 

Please contact Valerie at

info@become-light.com to discuss in detail.