Energetic Living 6 week Course


Connecting Souls to the highest light form of living and letting go of the physical limitations.

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"Energetic Living" is like a blueprint for living your Best Life. I was blown away by some concepts that I'd never heard and by the many "a-ha" moments throughout. Val's calming energy and beautiful spirit support her ability to take complex ideas and life-changing information and make them easy to understand and apply. This course is for anyone who truly wants to bring more peace and joy into their lives. I am so grateful for this class. Thank you, Val!”

Marion B. Swanson, PsyD - Psychologist

“This class was so eye-opening and inspiring. Val gives you the tools and guidance to live a happier and lighter life. I’d recommend to anyone looking to better develop their personal growth and self love.”

Nicolette Neaurauter - Strategic Planning Manager at NBC Universal

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